We are delighted to launch an edited collection about urban dynamics entitled: Realising the city: urban ethnography in Manchester, Edited by Dr Camilla Lewis and Dr Jessica Symons, University of Manchester. More info

Realising the city

Foreword by Kevin Ward xiii
Introduction: tackling the urban through ethnography – Camilla Lewis and Jessica Symons

Part I: Realising urban organisations
1 Inclusion without incorporation: re-imagining Manchester through a new politics of environment – Hannah Knox
2 Nurturing an emergent city: parade making as a cultural trope for urban policy – Jessica Symons
3 Lounge Manchester: the new politics of loungification – Damian O’Doherty

Part II: Realising urban spaces
4 Under the surface of the village: public and private negotiations of urban space in Manchester – Michael Atkins
5 Making and enabling the commons: shared urban spaces and civic engagement in North Manchester – Luciana Lang
6 Urban futures and competing trajectories for Manchester city centre – Elisa Pieri

Part III: Realising urban communities
7 Urban transformation in football: from Manchester United as a ‘global leisure brand’ to FC United as a ‘community club’ – George Poulton
8 ‘People want jobs, they want a life!’ Deindustrialisation and loss in East Manchester – Camilla Lewis
9 ‘Don’t call the police on me, I won’t call them on you’: self-policing as ethical development in North Manchester – Katherine Smith

Afterword: the tension in making and realising a city – Jessica Symons
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